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Planning a wedding? All-American Party Rentals offers high-quality tent rentals and accessories to ensure your big day is unforgettable! Our staff will help guide you through the process of choosing the right items for you and your guests, whether you’re hosting a small backyard wedding or renting out a large-scale venue. Along with our tents, our inventory includes lighting, dance floors, staging, tables and chairs, linens, heating, and more. Please contact us at for a customized quote or site visit today.

All-American Party Rentals is absolutely the best choice for tent rentals in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts. You can rely on our knowledgeable, pleasant staff, who will gladly walk you through the entire process, from selecting the tent to installing it.

Long table

Wedding Tent Options:

*Please be mindful if you plan on having a buffet section or dance floor, the number of guests will decrease based on the size of those items.*

Canopy Tents

30×45’ Canopy: 100 Seated Guests

30×60′ Canopy : 125 Seated Guests

40×60′ Canopy: 150 Seated Guests

40×80′ Canopy: 200 Seated Guests

40×100′ Canopy: 250 Seated Guests

40×120′ Canopy: 300 Seated Guests

Sailcloth Tents

44×63’- Sailcloth : 150 Seated Guests

High Peak Frame Tents

20×20’ Capacity: 40 Seated Guests

20×30 Capacity: 60 Seated Guests

20×60 Capacity: 100 Seated Guests

Keder Frame Tents

30×30′ Capacity: 90 Seated Guests

30×45′ Capacity: 120 Seated Guests

30×60′ Capacity: 150 Seated Guests

Double high peak frame tents
Sailcloth tents
Bigger sailcloth tents

Sailcloth Tents

44×63’- Capacity: 200 Seated Guests


Table Size Seating Capacity
60” Round 8-10 Guests
6’ Rectangle/Buffet 6-8 Guests
8’ Rectangle/ Buffet 8-10 Guests
8’ Farm Table 8-10 Guests
4’ Sweetheart Table 2 Guests
42” Cocktail Table N/A


We have three styles of chairs available for your big day! White Folding Chairs, White Garden Chairs with 1/2″ padding, and our newest Dark Brown Farmhouse Cross Back Chairs available with a 1″ ivory cushion.

Dance Floors

Dance Floors are a common item seen at weddings under a tented venue. Our Dance Floor comes in 4’x 4’ Cherry wood panels secured together by our team and includes a metal transition around the edge, making for an unforgettable night of dancing. Please view our chart below for our recommended sizing options. 

Guests Square Feet Dance Floor Size
50 144 12' x 12'
100 192 16' x 16'
150 320 20' x 20'
200 480 24’ x 20’
Dance floor
Perimeter lighting picture
Perimeter lighting picture with chairs


Want to add an elegant touch to your tent? We offer different lighting options that will help illuminate your tent during the nighttime festivities. 

Bistro/ Café lighting is available to be installed in all of our tents. Choose between cathedral-style lighting with bistro lights hanging from the top of the tent center poles to the sides of the tent throughout or a perimeter lighting that lines the outer part of the tent for you and your guests. 

*Price determined by linear foot

Full Cathedral Lighting Picture 


Our polyester linens are offered in various colors and sizes, and are a great finishing touch to your wedding design. Napkins are also available to rent. Please view the chart below to determine best size for your tables:  

Table Size Linen Size Distance to Floor
60” Round 120” Round Floor Length
90” Round Halfway to Floor
8’ Buffet Table 90” x 132” Floor Length
60” x 120” Halfway to Floor
6’ Buffet Table 90” x 132” Floor Length
60” x 120” Halfway to Floor
42” Cocktail Table 120” Round Floor Length
Polyester Napkin 20”x20” N/A


-Wedding Arbor

-Whiskey Barrel Bar

-Igloo Cooler (150 Ct)

-Patio Heaters

-Tent Heater

-Tent Sidewalls

-Stages (4’x8’ Sections Available)
-Whiskey Barrels