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Party Products in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Are linens, lighting equipment, dance floors, cocktail tables, round tables, or chairs in your party checklist? When you need these party products in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts, All-American Party Rentals has got you covered. Contact us today for the availability of items and to discuss options.

Tables and Chairs

60-Inch Round Tables

Round tables are ideal for formal events, company outings, and graduations. The seating capacity for our 60-inch round table is 8-10 people.
$10.99 per Table

Cocktail Tables

Our cocktail tables are must-have items for a formal event or fancy party. You may choose from our height options for our poles: 36 in., 42 in., and 30 in..
$14.99 per Table

8-Foot Tables

8-foot tables are great for buffet parties, laid-back events, cookouts, and birthday gatherings. This table can accommodate 8-10 people.
$10.99 per Table

6-Foot Tables

6-foot tables are the ideal choice for buffet parties at small areas. The seating capacity for this is 8-10 people.
$10.99 per Table

Black Chairs

Our black chairs are perfect for events with dark-colored interior decors. They are great for casual events such as cookouts, graduations, or birthday parties.
$1.59 per Chair

White Chairs

Our white folding chairs are suitable for events with light-colored interior decors. They are essential items for events like weddings, baby showers, and bridal showers.
$1.99 per Chair

White Garden Chairs

Our white garden chairs are lovely for any elegant or formal wedding, baby shower, or bridal shower.
$3.99 per Chair

Linen Rentals

Impress your guests with a beautiful dining setup. We have a large selection of linens for rent. You may also request customized linens to match your party’s theme.

Lighting Rentals

Don’t let your celebration come to a stop just because it’s becoming dark. With our gorgeous string lights to accent your tent, you can keep your party going all night.

Dance Floor Rentals

Our high-quality dance floors come in 4×4 sections, making it simple to build them to suit your party needs. They create a lovely focal point for your guests.
$32.00 per 4×4 section

Bar Rentals

Whiskey Barrel Bar​

Impress your guests with a beautiful bar setup. We have a 6-foot bar with bartender shelves – perfect for any event.



Igloo Quick & Cool

150 Qt Coolers Available for your outdoor events!


Check out party packages if you want to order a complete set of chairs, tables, and a tent.