Show pride in our country with the All-American Bounce House. This is perfect for any event, but especially on the Fourth of July. You can also order the bounce house with or without the eagle on the front.

$199.00 includes Delivery and Pickup

Children love jumping and playing in our Rainbow Bounce House Slide Combo. They can bounce, roll, slide, and do whatever they enjoy. The slide works as either a wet or dry slide.

And it’s perfect for the spring, fall or summer.

$269.00 includes Delivery and Pickup.

Rainbow Bounce House Slide Combo

All-American Bounce House


Bounce House Rentals in Nashua & Surrounding Areas


*Prices Include Delivery and Setup

An additional delivery charge may apply for customers outside of our free delivery zone.

Tropical Bounce House Slide Combo

Add tropical flair to your next event or party. The Tropical Bounce House Slide Combo is one of our most popular houses. It’s also wonderful for any occasion, and the slide works as either a wet or dry slide.

$269.00 includes Delivery and Pickup

Rainbow Bounce House


Great for any event, our Rainbow Bounce House is colorful, affordable, and ideal for little ones. Make the party even more special with this bounce house.

$199.00 includes Delivery and Pickup

Taking the Fun to New Heights: Bounce House Rentals in Nashua, NH

Your guests can enjoy  a jumping good time. Make the day a special one for your children with our bounce house rentals. In Nashua, NH, our party rental company offers the perfect solution when you’d like to take your event to new heights. Whether you want a bounce house for a birthday party or a big event, you’ll find the right one to ensure great fun for everyone.  Our affordable fees include delivery and pickup. Rent it for the day or for the entire weekend. Our bounce houses include the following:

Let’s Get Your Party Started

All children love being active, playing, and getting “air” when they get the chance. Our bounce houses provide a safe and exciting way to do them all. If you want to make a party or event even more thrilling for a child, try a bounce house! Our party rentals are not only affordable, but we provide excellent customer service and timely delivery, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Surprise your child for his or her birthday or for any special event by renting one of our inflatable houses.  

Contact us if you have questions about any of our houses. We proudly serve Nashua, NH and the surrounding areas.